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London, England


The Griffin is London's own symbol.


Plenty of pigeons at Trafalgar Square, off of Pall Mall.


Nothing is simple around here!

Plenty of Pubs around!

"Spare 25 pence?"


A Seattle's Best of all things in London! And right down the street from St. Paul's Cathedral!

Just a few items around Westminster Abbey!

Medieval Graffiti at the Towers of London! 1 2


King Henry VIII's armor!
(Apparently they didn't have Porsches then to account for their manliness!)


At the Towers of London, it is legend, as long as the Raven stays
within the grounds, the kingdomwill not fall. Not trusting Ravens to hang around on their own, they
clip their wings and feed them large chunks of beef. This Raven is as large as a small dog.


Speakers' Square

These two were debating the proper way a black man should wear his hair. Apparently a number
of the men don't like the way the gentleman on the left brushes his afro back into a shell-like-do.

I just really liked the small gentleman in his blue suit.




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