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Edinburgh, Scotland


This is a view from Calton Hill, on a path called Jacob's Ladder (I believe).
It's quite a hike, but an impressive view!


Holyrood House, one of the Scotish Palaces

St. Margaret's Chaphel, on Edinburgh Castle grounds


This was quite a clever sign found in the GlassMarket area, below Edinburgh Castle.
I wish this was the place I learned to drink beer!


This piece impressed me because I hadn't seen alot of statuary of men in kilts!
Especially in a cathedral, as this one was!


This place has as much personality on the inside, as it does on the outside! The interior walls were thick and textured, reminding me of chocolate frosting! I absolutely loved this place and would recommend it over and over again!

The Last Drop got its name from being situated across from the gallows of olden times.


This is the Tolbooth Tavern, and I first discovered it on the Internet, taking some virtual pub tour.
When I got to the Royal Mile, (which is the mile long road that leads from the Castle to Holyrood
House) I realized I had forgotten to bring the information on how to find this place. I was so
discouraged and bummed. To my luck, we walked right by it, and I recognized it immediately!
Oh, the joy!


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