index.htmlTEXTStMli>&3 Bumble Bee

Bumble bee, bumble bee
Don't bee so mean to mee, bumble bee
You came to mee, bumble bee
To my wall, from your tree
You got in my rafters, you flew at my knees
The walls were a buzzing, I couldn't catch my ZZZs
You scared mee to death, I felt ill at ease
I called McDonnel Bugless, who came by the sea
He came quick to my rescue and charged me a fee
It won't bee mee who is sorry now, but thee

You buzzed on the floor, you coughed and you weezed
I felt horrified watching you expire...geez
When all was over Bugless talked with glee
And pointed to the pollen on your knees
I found out later you were all shes
You were the nicest of all of the bees
I wish now I could have set you free
It's not you who is sorry now, but mee

I'm sorry humble bumble bee



[I know this was lame, but I challenge you to do better!]

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